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Today’s a New Day

Today’s a new day

by Cathy

That’s right!!!

Today is a new day, and a new day means a new beginning.

Gone are yesterday’s old hurts and animosities.  You can choose to start over again.

Hit the START button to make today a better day….at the job, at home, with your spouse, with your kids.

Change the way you think, and the things you think will change.

So rather than think, “I can’t stand this job’, why not change it to I am so grateful to have a job today.

Instead of calling your spouse ‘useless’, how about, I am grateful to have a loving supportive spouse.

Instead of, ‘this is not a good day’, try  Today is a wonderful day and I am happy to be a part of it.

So now you’ve got the idea.  always remember that you create your own reality.  We all get off track because there is so much negativity floating around us; but if you can be aware of those moments and bring yourself back to center, it will certainly become easier to maintain a positive frame of mind and to enjoy the day by living in the present.

If you remember that not all those who start the day, will be around at the end of the day, maybe that will help you to enjoy what the day has to offer…..it could be warmer weather than expected, a walk in the park, a beautiful  photo moment, a call from a loved one, an enjoyable meal or an unexpected compliment.

Whatever it is that rocks your boat, just be grateful for it, and savour the moment.

Today is indeed a new day!!!!   Make it count!