Marathon of Life

Life is like a marathon.

You have to prepare for your participation. The preparation is usually three phased:physical – your body has to be in top physical condition; mental – you have to focus on the positive, and convince yourself that you can do this; spiritual – spiritual preparation such as meditation, prayer and reflection helps you to believe in your ability and to trust in a higher power when all else looks impossible.

If you’re ahead in the race, it takes alot of stamina to try to keep your pace. If however, you are in the back, you’ve got to inch your way forward and keep pushing as far ahead as possible.  It’s not easy…you’re hot, you’re thirsty, you’re tired, your feet are aching but you keep going.


You have  trained for this all your life. YOU are on the home stretch. The end is in sight. Quicken your pace to the finish line.

When you think about it, in a marathon some people never move up from the back, some move forward who and fall back again.  Others give up and drop out of the race….but victory comes to those who keep running against all odds.

Where are you in the marathon of life???

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