Now you can say NO and mean it

NO … the answer is NO.

Which one of us has not felt offended, hurt, rejected when someone tells us “no?” If it is uttered by one of your kids, probably all hell breaks loose, and if it is spoken by a spouse, we won’t let him forget it for a long time.

No sometimes means that we are no longer in control of someone or some situation. It also eliminates any intention to manipulate someone or some situation.                                 

On the brighter side, “no” is a word may more of us need to use more frequently.  It is a way of setting boundaries in our lives. So often, we listen to others or we ourselves complain about being overworked, unappreciated by our spouses and kids, intimidated by overbearing mother-in-laws, and the list goes on….

Setting boundaries is a way of reducing stress and eliminating some of the things you tolerate in your life, which you don’t really have to, if you understand that you have the power to change such situations. However, you have to say it …No…and mean it…..stick to your guns. You also have the power to negotiate…”no, I won’t do this, but I can do …..”  So go ahead, and give yourself permission to say NO more often, and to feel good about it.

You maybe pleasantly surprised to find that your time management will improve, you will be able to enjoy more “ME” time and more quality time with your family, and you will absolutely feel more relaxed.

Don’t forget to let me know how things changed for you when you learnt to use the word effectively.

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